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We are Web Marketing Strategists found right here in Edmonton, Alberta.  And we are specialized in Digital Marketing  Solutions for businesses. 

The whole purpose of hiring a Web Marketing Strategist is to create sales for your business. Small or Large Businesses should only pay for services that are going to produce results. We have a range of products and services to fit any company on an individual basis.  The key point of advertising on the internet is to get your company out and in front of prospective clients or customers. 

We are skilled in Lead Generation, SEO (search engine optimization), GMB (Google My Business) set up, and Social Media Campaigns. Whether it is Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or locating strong Backlinks and Online Citations for your business, we can help you with that.

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Website Design

We can build a website for you, optimized with content for up to 10 pages.  High quality photos, call to action on all pages, domain and hosting. We can even maintain the site for you.  Updating with specials or content. Or if you prefer to do the maintenance on the site yourself, we can accommodate that through a client portal.  We have affordable plans and can fit most budgets. If you are busy and really don’t have the time to maintain or build a website , pass that along to us.  We can assist with all of that.

Lead Generation

We are specialized in Dedicated Lead Generation.   We know how to get in front of potential customers and increase visibility online for any business. We can draw customers and clients in, and you receive the rewards of providing great customer service and products or services. Don’t be swayed by the other guys, providing leads not only to you but to potentially 5 or 10 like businesses!  You end up in a bidding war and may be successful, maybe not. We can target consumers, just for the sole purpose of passing those leads directly to your business.   And no other competitors. If you have a great sales team, you could really increase your conversion to sales and generate new income, steady income.

Search Engine Optimization

This is an area where Digital Marketing really shines the brightest.  A good Digital Marketing Strategist knows how Google works. Understands it’s ever changing algorithms and adjusts accordingly.  To reach the top of organic search results in your market does not involve wishful thinking or ambition. It requires understanding what Google likes and dislikes.  What Google wants and does not want. And how favorable Google will find your website. It involves many pieces. Just to name a few, you would need to know keywords, copywriting, optimization of content  and images, backlinking strategies, citations.  There are quite a few items that go into effectively ranking in the top of organic search results. That’s where you want to be. That’s where all companies want to be. You have to understand the competition and their strengths and weaknesses, according to Google, to effectively get you to the top. And stay there. We understand business owners usually do not have the time or resources to effectively tackle all of this. We offer this service on an ongoing basis. Then, the business can concentrate on their sales. And we handle the Google rankings.

Marketing Budget Analysis

Most businesses have a set amount in their budget to cover marketing and advertising.  A clear understanding of what channel of marketing is producing the best results for your business is KEY to optimizing your dollars spent.  Understand that Not All Leads Are Created Equally,   Equally distributing your marketing funds on a monthly basis can bring you results.  However, knowing which ones produce the most leads is a powerful tool in determining the correct mix of marketing channels.  We can assist you in determining where the best dollar value for your marketing spend is, based on your company’s results.  Once a clear understanding has been established, we can offer suggestions of how to get the maximum return on your marketing spend compared to your net revenue.  If your business is earning $2 on every $1 of your marketing budget, that’s great! But would it not be better to earn $3 or $4 per dollar spent? This can be done without actually increasing your budget on a monthly basis! We can provide a clear analysis of your Marketing Budget and the return it is producing per channel.  Then you can make informed decisions as to where to put the funds for maximum return.

Website Audit

If you have a website already and really want some insight as to what you could do to promote it online more  efficiently, we can give you a site audit.  We will look at the “behind the scenes” elements and compare where you are at, with that of your top competition. After reviewing, we can offer suggestions on how to take on your competitors head-on!

Google My Business

We can assist with getting your local business included in the Google My Business section of local searches on Google.   GMB is an incentive that Google has set up and promotes local businesses in a specific area. If you have a local business, we strongly recommend you take a look at what Google offers for this.  It does involve a verification process with Google. So you will want to make sure your information anywhere on the internet is correct before starting this. Google will reject or suspend a business if it cannot verify it’s a valid business.  We can offer assistance with this process. Once you have been verified, your business could be included in the Map Pack top 3 businesses, right before any organic listings! This is powerful for local business owners.

Reputation Management

Business today are very aware of how important positive reviews are to maintaining their ranking under the Google My Business section online.  You want to be in the first 3 positions and positive review will help you stay there.  There is very little you can do to eliminate a negative review once it has been left.  You can address the issue as best you can with the disgruntled individual, and try to come to a mutually acceptable conclusion.  Sometimes this work and sometimes it doesn't.  But what you can do is put effort forth to gain more positive reviews.  If you only have 5 reviews and one of them is negative, this can stick out like a sore thumb.  But if you have 100 reviews, that one will become insignificant by all of the other positive reviews.  If you are not actively working on your review management, we have a great solution.  Hire us!  We have the system in place to take care of all of your Reputation Management needs.  So you can be focused on generating income and keeping your business moving forward!

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We are not interested in selling you a package or solution without first understanding the challenges your business is facing.  We would love to offer any of our services to you but want to put forth a solution that will work for you. We want to make sure we have a full understanding of your business first.  We need to understand what areas you are having difficulty with, when it comes down to getting sales or customers to your door. Then, and only then, we can make recommendations for you.  We can start to build a trusting relationship with you, based on results we deliver.